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Installation accessories are an important part of every radiant and plumbing project. They help to increase productivity and simplify the overall installation process.

Accessories offered by Everhot Inc. are designed for specific purposes and are available in a variety of types and sizes. Most of them can be used with pipes other than PEX, such as copper and CPVC.

Snap-in Sockets are one of our most popular items. They are widely used for thin slabs in residential floor heating applications, where attaching tubing to the floor is the most labor intense job. Before, plastic strapping was used and it required an installer to secure every few feet of tubing as it was laid out. Snap-in sockets are far more efficient and flexible. They provide on option to secure the clips along the tubing run first and only then to snap in the tubing.

Plastic Bend Supports are used almost for every PEX plumbing project. Their purpose is to form a tight 90 ° tubing bend without kinking it and to assist the installer where sharp tubing turns are needed. Plastic bend supports are designed with a drop ear, which helps to secure them to a wooden surface using common fasteners.

Metal Bend Supports are manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanized steel and are commonly used in concrete slabs to simplify the layout process by providing means of sharp tubing turns where necessary.

Tube talons are used where tubing has to be attached to a wooden surface such as studs and plywood. Simple at first sight, they are manufactured to absorb vibration and protect the tubing from damage during thermal expansion. Tube talons should be installed in alternate directions to ensure secure pipe positioning.

Both regular and "Butterfly" type Pipe Straps are used to secure and suspend PEX and other types of CTS tubing (CPVC, copper). Grooved inner surface of the straps will allow PEX to expand and contract when necessary.

Nylon Wire Ties (Zip Ties) were originally used for the purpose of securing electric wires and only later found an application as a mean of fastening PEX tubing to a wire mesh in concrete slabs. Zip ties do not require any additional installation tools.