Radiant Heat PEX

Everhot PEX is a PEX-B tubing manufactured from a high density polyethylene (HDPE), using a silane method of cross-linking. The process of cross-linking forms bonds between molecules in polymer and improves its performance and durability. Silane method has become very popular thanks to the high quality of the end product and it’s affordable cost. As a result, Everhot PEX is priced far more attractively and has a substantially higher quality than many other brands on the market. Everhot PEX has undergone a long process of testing for quality and meets or exceeds today's highest standards and most strict requirements for potable water, chlorinated water and radiant floor heating applications.

Everhot PEX is very flexible and requires fewer fittings than copper pipes, CPVC or other rigid pipes. It can be easily bent around corners and inside walls, allowing for a faster, easier and more reliable installation.

Everhot Radiant PEX is a PEX-B tubing with Oxygen Diffusion Barrier (also referred to as "EVOH" PEX tubing).

Oxygen Diffusion Barrier is a layer of special polymer, applied to the external surface of the tubing during the manufacturing process. It serves a single important purpose of preventing the molecules of oxygen (O2) from diffusing into the water through the walls of the pipe.

If oxygen molecules are present in the water of the heating system, they, with time, will corrode cast iron parts (circulator pumps, boiler heating elements, air separators, radiators, etc.)

Everhot Barrier PEX is the solution and helps to protect a heating system from corrosion, extends it life expectancy and reduces maintenance. It can easily be differentiated from our Plumbing PEX (Non-Barrier PEX) by it’s glossy surface and red color.

Most common applications for Everhot Radiant PEX include radiant heating systems, snow melting systems and supply/return lines for boilers and outdoor wood furnaces.

Everhot Radiant PEX is backed by a 25-year limited warranty and has a life expectancy of over 50 years, if properly used and installed.