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Everhot Radiant Manifolds offer the most complete and easy-to-use and install solution for radiant heating and snow melting applications.

Everhot Radiant Manifold features high quality, corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel body and is compatible with virtually all PEX tubing types and brands. Accessories and parts for the manifolds are made of heavily nickel-plated brass to compliment the appearance of the complete system.

Stainless steel Everhot manifolds are packaged ready for installation and eliminate the need for complicated and time-consuming assembly. Each manifold set includes the following:

  1. A supply manifold complete with flow indicators, universal outlets for PEX tubing, shut-off ball valve, temperature gauge, air vent, drain valve with hose bib.
  2. A return (collector) manifold complete with manual balancing valves, universal outlets for PEX tubing, shut-off ball valve, temperature gauge, air vent, drain valve with hose bib.
  3. A pair of unique offset manifold mounting brackets, which allow for easy access to manifold ports and more convenient installation. Universal radiant heating manifold outlets can accommodate the full range of PEX and PEX-AL-PEX adapters offered by Everhot Inc and offer the option of using any tubing type or size without modifying the manifold.

Flow indicators (flow meters) on the manifold display liquid flow in GPM and along with manual balancing valves will help to properly balance the system and assure proper heat distribution. Flow indicators can also serve as secondary valves and can be used together with balancing valves to shut off a selected circuit on the manifold and perform pressure testing, maintenance or fill the system with fluid.

Temperature gauges are installed on both of the manifolds and offer a convenient way to monitor fluid temperatures on both sides of the radiant panel system.

1” Shut-off ball valves allow to completely isolate the radiant heating panel from the rest of the heating system without interrupting its functionality.

Air valves will assist in eliminating the air from the system on both manifolds and drain valves with hose bibs will allow to fill and drain the system.

Automatic 24V balancing valves (manifold actuators) are also available as an optional upgrade.

Everhot stainless steel Radiant Manifolds are available in a wide range of models, with a variety of parts to suit any radiant heating project needs.