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Everhot PEX Rails can be used in a variety of radiant heating applications and offer the most convenient, easy and cost effective method of PEX tubing installation. PEX rails are plastic profiles with channels for PEX tubing spaced out at even distances. They are commonly used both in structural and non-structural slabs and can be secured to almost any surface (wood, concrete, foam board insulation).

PEX Rails are the next step in radiant floor heating installation. In conventional radiant floor heating installations, contractors would have to lay out the PEX tubing in a desired pattern and secure it to the subfloor at the same time. This created several problems:

  1. There had to be at least two people – first to uncoil the tubing and second to lay it out and secure it.
  2. The pattern of the tubing layout was always uneven.
  3. The process required vast amounts of time, as securing PEX tubing in place would require the use of clips, clamps or other means of attaching it to the subfloor.

PEX Rails are the solution for all of the above problems.

Everhot PXR12 PEX Rails are 6.5ft long and designed for use with 1/2“ PEX or 1/2" PEX-AL-PEX tubing. This model features tubing channels at every 2”, which conveniently allows to space the pipe at any required distance (4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”). When installed at 3ft apart, a standard bundle of 16 rails can cover an area of almost 300 sq. ft. Moreover, PXR12 Rails are breakaway at every 4”, and can be easily modified to any required length without the use of tools. Small 4” pieces can be used to secure the tubing at U-turns, making the waste of materials equal to zero. These Rails are best for use in non-structural slabs and indoor radiant heating projects, which utilize 1/2" PEX.

Everhot PXRALL PEX Rails are 3.3ft long and are manufactured from nylon, which giver them extra strength and flexibility. They can be locked together by hand to create any desired length of rail without the use of any tools or special accessories. PXRALL Rails can accommodate all 4 major tubing sizes used in concrete slabs – 3/8”, 1/2", 5/8” and 3/4". Pattern of these rails has alternating small (for 3/8” and 1/2") and large (for 5/8” and 3/4") tubing channels at every 4”. Therefore, tubing spacing can be 4”, 8” and 12” for any selected size. This type of rails is ideal for structural (reinforced) slabs and large areas, as they are easily formed into any desired length and have a high level of resistance to UV light. A standard box of (100) PXRALL Rails is sufficient for areas of up to 1000 sq. ft.