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Everhot Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates offer a number of advantages:

  1. They allow for a more even heat distribution across the flooring surface if compared to staple-up tubing installation.
  2. They serve as a support for PEX tubing and eliminate the need for additional installation accessories.
  3. They allow for a lower fluid supply temperature, thus increasing the radiant heating system’s efficiency and reducing the costs of heating.

Everhot Inc. offers two types of Heat Transfer Plates – Stamped and Extruded.

Stamped Heat Transfer Plates are a thinner version, and are commonly used in sandwich-type radiant floors, where PEX tubing is placed between the finished floor (i.e. laminate, hardwood, etc.) and the subfloor. These plates are wide and short, which makes them ideal for such projects and allows for more versatility in installation.

Extruded Heat Transfer Plates are a thicker version, and are the type, which, along with PEX tubing, is attached to the subfloor to heat the area above. These plates feature an upside down tubing channel, which is facing downwards and excludes any contact of tubing with the subfloor. This eliminates to problem of ticking sounds usually produced when tubing expands and contracts with thermal changes in the system. Even tubing channels of these plates allow for better contact with tubing and higher heat transfer. Thanks to a greater thickness, extruded plates can accumulate and distribute heat in a most efficient way, maximizing the comfort delivered by the radiant heating system.