Part# Product Description Box Qty
SSM002 2-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM003 3-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM004 4-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM005 5-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM006 6-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM007 7-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM008 8-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM009 9-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM010 10-branch St. Steel Manifold Set 1
SSM101 Manifold Actuator, 24V, 2-wire 1
SSM538 Manifold Adapter, compr., 3/8” PEX -
SSM512 Manifold Adapter, compr., 1/2” PEX -
SSM558 Manifold Adapter, compr., 5/8” PEX -
SSM534 Manifold Adapter, crimp., 3/4” PEX -
SSM212 Manifold Adapter, compr., 1/2” PAP -

Everhot Radiant Manifolds are packed with features:

  • Stainless Steel Body - durable, corrosion-proof, professionally looking.
  • Manual Balancing Valves - allow to adjust fluid flow to reach desired temperature balance in the system.
  • Flow Indicators - allow to monitor and adjust liquid flow through selected circuits.
  • Air Vents - will help to eliminate unwanted air from the system.
  • Universal Manifold Outlets - accommodate all sizes of PEX and PEX-AL-PEX adapters.
  • Drain Valves - allow to conveniently drain and fill the system (hose connection).
  • 1" Shut-off Ball Valves - allow to isolate manifold for pressure testing or maintenance purposes.
  • Mounting Brackets - designed to offset the manifold from the wall and allow for a more convenient access.
  • Manifold Actuators - automatic balancing valves allow to zone the manifold as required.