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Unlike plastic fittings, brass fittings can be soldered onto a copper pipe, creating a transition between baseboards and PEX, manifolds and PEX, etc. In fact, brass insert fittings are one of the most reliable methods of transition between metal pipes and PEX tubing.
Brass PEX fittings are also widely used for connecting PEX tubing to plumbing fixtures. Elbows allow for sharp turns where needed, tees will allow separating water lines, threaded elbows will help to connect PEX with radiators and heat exchangers.

One of the greatest advantages of brass insert fittings is that they can be used with any type of PEX tubing manufactured to ASTM F876/877 standards with SDR 9 (Standard Dimension Ratio).

Various advantages that brass insert fittings offer make them a product of choice for plumbing and radiant heating contractors nationwide.