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Being thoroughly tested, Everhot Non-Barrier PEX tubing is safe and reliable when used with potable water applications.

Clean & Non-Toxic
Everhot Non-Barrier PEX tubing is clean, lead-free and can be used for drinking water purposes with confidence. It will not stain, rust or leach taste/odor into water.

Everhot PEX tubing is certified to meet/exceed today's most strict standards. Its is manufactured to ASTM standards and is certified for Potable Water applications (NSF-pw).

Unlike many other pipes, Everhot PEX operates silently and does not require additional installation of water hammers for noise reduction.

Along with superior quality, Everhot PEX is priced far more attractively than any other PEX tubing today. It is a smart choice for savvy homeowners and plumbing professionals.

With a smaller bending radius than many other brands, Everhot PEX is flexible enough to cover more space and can go where some other PEX can't.
Since most of the plumbing problems occur at joints, fewer fittings are used during the installation process of PEX, reducing the risk of leakages in the system.

With a life expectancy of over 50 years, Everhot PEX will perform and is expected to last as long as copper, brass, or any other type of metal and plastic pipes.

Everhot PEX costs less to buy, install and operate than copper and brass pipes.

Due to its flexibility and variety of sizes, Everhot PEX can be used almost for every plumbing project.

Freeze- and Corrosion-Resistant
Unlike metal pipes, PEX from Everhot Inc. will not burst from freezing where copper pipes fail, and will not corrode like many ferrous pipes.