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Everhot Plumbing PEX is most commonly used for hot- and cold-water plumbing, as well as for potable water distribution.

Today’s residential and commercial construction industry calls for safe and effective plumbing products. Everhot Plumbing PEX is one of them.

While metal pipes such as copper and brass may be subject to electrolytic corrosion, Everhot Plumbing PEX will perform well in the same conditions.

CPVC and PPR pipes lack the flexibility of PEX and require excessive amount of elbows, which, in turn, increase labor and material costs and reduce supply pressure. Everhot Plumbing PEX is can easily be bent around corners, and with proper tools available, is installed in fraction of the time compared to rigid pipes.

Contractors who plumb with Everhot PEX products can enjoy their ease of use, affordable prices and referrals from happy customers. Home and business owners who have an Everhot PEX Plumbing System enjoy a reliable, safe and affordable solution for their plumbing needs.

With today’s demand for safer drinking water, new water sanitizing chemicals are introduced into the water and new performance standards are developed. One of such standards describes performance of PEX pipe with chlorinated water. Not surprisingly, several major brands still have not passed this test and thus cannot be relied on. Everhot Plumbing PEX, on the other hand, has successfully passed the test to meet these performance requirements, proving itself a safe and clean product.