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One of the most common types of radiant heating projects is the installation of PEX between joists for heating of the space above. Such installations require means of securing the tubing to the bottom of the subfloor and Clip Gun is the right tool for the project.

Currently, Everhot Inc. offers two types of Clip Guns – Manual and Pneumatic.

Manual PEX Clip Gun is perfect for DIY projects and for contractors who do a small number of radiant heating projects. It is compact, lightweight, can hold up to (20) PEX clips and would require installer to shoot three times per staple. A belt clip is included for easier handling.

Pneumatic PEX Clip Gun is the right tool for professional radiant heating contractors. It is durable and allows to effortlessly attach PEX tubing to the subfloor. It holds up to (20) PEX clips and can be used with a compressor.

PEX Clips are available in sizes for 1/2" or 3/4" PEX tubing and are also compatible with 1/2" and 3/4" copper and CPVC pipes. The tool drives nails inside the clips into the wooden surface as deep as 5/8”, which allows them to hold substantial weights with ease.