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Everhot Inc. now offers the following variety of tools for PEX:

  • Clamp (cinch) tools for stainless steel clamps
  • Crimp tools and tool kits for copper crimp rings
  • Decrimping tools (for removal of copper crimp rings)
  • Tubing cutters

A good PEX cutter tool is a must for every plumbing and radiant heating project, since the precision of the tubing cut determines the quality and accuracy of the connection between the crimp ring (or clamp), fitting and the tubing.

Everhot Inc. has 3 types of tubing cutters to accommodate the needs of every installer.

The Economy type cutter (model #2), is simple, affordable and is a great solution for do-it-yourself radiant heating and plumbing projects, as well as for contractors who do a small number of projects involving installation of PEX pipe. This model can be used with tubing sizes of up to 1”.

Ratchet PEX cutter (model #4) is lightweight, durable and easy to work with. Thanks to built-in ratchet mechanism, it can effortlessly cut PEX tubing of sizes up to 1-1/4”. It also features a convenient blade-releasing button for faster tool operation. This tool is best for professionals who interact with various PEX sizes on a daily basis.

Heavy-Duty PEX Cutter (model #5) is for professionals who work with larger tubing diameters and require a precise and labor saving tool. This model is capable of cutting PEX tubing sizes up to 1-1/2” and is equipped with a blade-retracting mechanism. It also features an adjusting knob, which allows to work with a single selected tubing size. PEX tubing cutters can also be used for cutting soft type of plastic tubing and rubber hoses.